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            by Bryan Potok

            The Story Begins Here

            I've worked in a lot of different parts of the U.S. but no matter where I was my patients had the same question: Where should they buy their prosthetic supplies? As a Prosthetist for nearly 20 years, I was embarrassed to say that I didn't have a great answer. 

            The convention was that products were bought by Prosthetists directly from manufacturers, and they weren't readily available to the people who used them daily. I decided to break convention in order to create a store exclusively for people living with limb loss.  In 2006, from my cramped New York apartment, I started an online medical store to reach the amputee community and provide solutions in a way that hadn't been done before.  We would offer both a comprehensive selection of products, giving our customers real options, as well as in-depth information about everything we'd sell.  This allows our customers to determine for themselves which products best suited their individual needs.

            Amputee Store wound up making waves in the industry as manufacturers scratched their heads at our different business model. Some were even hesitant to sell to us. Now we're slowly winning those manufacturers over by becoming a real resource for the amputee community and the place to go for all things related to living with limb loss.

            Bryan setting up the iWalk for store photo shoot.
            Sal adjusting knit-rite compressogrip shrinker for photo shoot.

            Our Vision

            When we started, we realized that it wasn't just about limited options, or finding cost effective alternatives to swelling deductibles and co-payments. It was about quality of life for people that have experienced limb loss. We want to empower people to make their own informed decisions about the products that directly impact their daily lives.  We're focused on our customers' distinct individuality and not their perceived disability. (Our site is for people, not amputees.)  We don’t see ourselves as just another online medical store, and we're not here to replace your Prosthetist.  

            We want to be a resource for product information, personal care guidelines, and issues and news that affect our customers. At the same time we designed a simple and clean view of products intended to improve your life; while making shopping for supplies a more enjoyable experience. We'll work hard to offer the highest quality products at affordable prices.

            We want you to have even more control of your own supplies and your own life.

            Our brand embodies our promise to strive for a better shopping experience. As your Amputee Supplies Specialists, we want to help you make informed & decisive prosthetic decisions all the time, not just when you're shopping. All of our orders are processed by the same team that answers the phone and responds to your emails, and your decision to buy from us inspires us to keep improving the experience.

            Connect with us by joining the mailing list below, and most importantly - explore on!

            Updated: 16 Oct 2017 06:21 AM
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